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About Dark Adaptation

People with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) often do not know they have the disease during its early stages. They may dismiss early warning signs, like trouble seeing at night, as part of the normal aging process. Ignoring these symptoms only delays diagnosis, which can lead to more vision loss.

We are offering a new test that helps us diagnose AMD at a very early stage and monitor disease progression. If you are experiencing problems seeing at night, or it is becoming increasing difficult to read in dim light, talk to us about scheduling an AdaptDx [adapt-dee-ex] Pro test.

AdaptDx Pro Dark Adaptometer

The AdaptDx Pro® aids in the detection and management of AMD. It measures the time it takes for your vision to adjust to the darkness, your dark adaptation speed. The test takes only about 10 minutes. You’ll wear a headset and press a button every time you see a flashing light. You’ll be coached by the friendly voice of Theia™, our on-board technician. Powered by artificial intelligence, Theia guides you through each step and lets you know how you are doing. Once the test is completed, your doctor will review the results with you.

What is RI?

The result of the test is your Rod Intercept® (RI®), the time it takes for the eye to adjust from bright light to darkness. When you take the AdaptDx Pro test, the device calculates your RI number and provides your doctor with critical information to help determine whether or not you have AMD.

Is the AdaptDx Pro test covered by insurance?

We may be able to bill the test to your insurance provider if there is a medical diagnosis related to AMD or you are experiencing trouble seeing in dim or dark environments. If not, the AdaptDx Pro test may require a modest out-of-pocket charge.

What should I expect during the test?

Watch this video that shows you exactly what to expect during the test:

Innovative Test to Help Find Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) in its Earliest Stages

AdaptDx Pro® test is part our effort to detect and monitor age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It is an innovative, wearable headset that offers a simple, non-invasive test to measure the time it takes a patient’s vision to adjust from bright light to darkness, a process known as dark adaptation. As one of the first signs of AMD, dark adaptation testing using the AdaptDx Pro, will provide us an additional resource to help diagnose AMD before vision loss occurs – and put a plan in place to help preserve vision.

We recommend AdaptDx Pro testing to patients over age 50, particularly those who have trouble seeing or driving at night. Other risk factors include a family history of the disease, Caucasian race, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or cardiovascular disease.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of adult vision loss in the US. Fortunately, being testing with an AdaptDx Pro® device can help prevent vision loss by detecting AMD at least 3 years earlier.

Normal Vision

Vision with AMD

How does the test work?

The AdaptDx Pro tests your ability to adapt from bright light to darkness. The test is simple and painless to take. Better yet, it provides a straightforward, objective score to help your doctor know if you have AMD so that measures can be implemented to prevent vision loss.

Risk factors:

  • Age 50 or older

  • Family history

  • Smoker or past smoker

  • Caucasian

  • Being overweight

  • Heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol

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